Who is Anal Jesse?


Hi guys! My name is Jesse and I’m from Thailand. I’m just a simple Thai girl. But I have a secret. Can I tell you? I love anal sex! It’s really fun to make videos for you to enjoy.
When I started to learn about anal I knew that I had to share my experiences. I really hope more girls can see my videos and learn how to do it.

Anal Jesse Facts
  • Age:19
  • Weight:41kg
  • Height:5'2”
  • Location:USA
  • Astrological SignAries
  • Sexual OrientationStraight

Now I’m 23 years old and I’ve been anal only for almost five years! Do you think it is crazy? That is my style. Before with pussy I could orgasm one time and not more. But now with anal, I can orgasm 10 or even 20 times. It’s a lot more intense and so much better! Plus I can always have natural sex this way without any condoms and anal creampies are always OK.

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My favorite position is cowgirl anal because I feel very powerful. I can bounce up and down on his cock the way I want to do it. I love to grind down on it balls deep. I can cum really easily in this position. My favorite style of video to make is roleplaying. It feels like making a TV show and it’s fun to play dress up with costumes.

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I’m from Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand. It is a beautiful city in the mountains. Chiang Mai has the most delicious food in all of Thailand! Did you ever go there? I love to help animals. In my free time, I work hard to sterilize and vaccinate homeless dogs. When I walk down the street all the dogs will come to keep me safe. They are my bodyguards and I love them all. When they are sick I bring medicine and take care of them.

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I also love to watch UFC and ONE Championship fights. I know all the fighters and will yell very loudly for my favorites. The UFC is the most exciting, but I love ONE too because there are Thai people and I even go to Bangkok to watch at the stadium.

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