Step-Daddy Role-Play Anal For Shopping Money


I want to go shopping with my friend, but I don't have any money. Maybe Step-Daddy can help me? He is watching TV on the sofa. Step-Daddy can’t resist when I am super cute, so I cuddle up to him and beg him to help me. He said I have to help him first!

One thing leads to another; before I know it, his cock is in my mouth. It is so big and hard! I sucked his cock for a long time, first on the sofa, then on my knees with him standing. Then, I push him back onto the sofa and pull off my panties. His cock slides straight into my ass when I sit down on it in reverse cowgirl style. I even spin around for regular cowgirl, too, because it’s my favorite position.

Now I’m feeling naughty and begging for more cock. Step-Daddy allows me to suck it again. Back to more cowgirl, this time deeper and harder. Next, we change to doggy style so Step-Daddy can be in control. You can see my gape when he pulls out. Finally, the missionary anal position ended with a big cumshot on my stomach and legs. I dip my fingers in the cum and lick it, acting cute before saying goodbye.