Step-Daddy I'm Scared Of The Storm


There was a big thunderstorm, and I was terrified! I could not stay alone in my bed. I brought my teddy bear and went to Step-Daddy’s room for a hug. I asked Step-Daddy to hold me through the night. Step-Daddy was a little annoyed that I woke him up, but eventually, he helped me. A fun and cute roleplay intro.

Sometimes the only thing that helps me relax is lots of anal. Two cumshots! I felt that his cock was really big and hard, so I wanted to taste it. Wow! It’s delicious. I sucked his cock until he finally agreed to fuck my ass. I had to beg, but I finally got what I wanted. Doggy-style anal helps me forget about the scary storm. He pulls out and cums all over my ass and back. I roll over to missionary and insist he fucks me again right away. This time please fuck my ass harder. Tightly holding my teddy bear and wearing my cute nightie, he fucks my ass with deep strokes.

This time he cums all over my stomach, and I’m finally satisfied. I know he loves me deeply, and I can relax. The rainy season is my favorite because the more often it rains, the more I can run scared to see him at night for a special treat!