Step-Daddy Roleplay - Just the Tip Please


My Step-Mom is so strict! She said I am not allowed to have sex. She is always worried that I will get pregnant. My Step-Daddy is very smart. He always has good ideas. He explained that anal isn’t real sex and it doesn’t count. He said some people wear condoms, but if it’s just the tip then you don't need one. I don’t know, I just want to be a good girl. I love my Step-Daddy and I want him to be happy.

First, we talk about what “just the tip” means. Wow! His penis is so big. I’ve never seen anything that big before and it makes me feel really excited. He said as long as it’s just the tip and in my butt, there is no way that I can get pregnant and Step-Mom will not be angry.

He fucks my asshole on the sofa in the missionary position. I just don't believe it is only the tip so I check many times and we discuss exactly how far the tip is and how much of the cock is allowed into my ass without being real sex. Change to doggy position and I feel like he is fucking me deeply, but he promises it is just my imagination. Step-Daddy seems to really like it and I love him so much. I just want to be a good girl every day. He is pounding my asshole balls deep, but every time I ask he tells me not to worry, it is just the tip. Daddy cums a lot, deep in my ass. He pulls out leaving me dripping cum everywhere. Well, he was right. I do feel happier now!