Schoolgirl Roleplay - Anal Only Cock Worship


I am obsessed with circumcised cocks. Big, long, smooth, hard, beautiful, cut cocks. I think they are beautiful. I talk continuously about how my classmates have tiny useless cocks, and I need my teacher's cock big, cut cock to help me.

I went to the teacher’s office because I was very upset. My classmates all have small, pathetic, stinky cocks. It isn't enough to satisfy me, and I really need help from my teacher. I explained the problem to him and somehow, I managed to convince him to let me see his cock. Wow! It is big, beautiful, and cut. Everything I have been dreaming about. I quickly put it in my mouth before he could stop me. I feel lucky to be allowed to suck such an amazing cock.

I ask him to fuck me, but I'm not on birth control, and I don't have a condom. What can we do? I have an idea! I beg him to fuck my ass. I've never tried it before, but I love to watch videos, and I really need to feel that smooth, cut cock inside me. It hurts at first, but I'm quickly overwhelmed with pleasure as he fucks me harder and deeper. He fucks me harder and harder. I've never felt anything like this before; it is incredible! He pulls out and covers my ass in cum! I'm so lucky to have a good teacher!