Nurse Roleplay - Anal Jesse Treats Blue Balls


I always fantasized about being a naughty nurse! It’s such a fun and sexy idea. One day I was working at the hospital. I received a phone call from a very sick patient. He had “blue balls” and was in a lot of pain. I quickly rushed to his bed to provide medical assistance. There is only one cure for blue balls, the patient must ejaculate.

I began treatment with a sexy blowjob, but the cum didn’t come out. In nursing school, my teacher showed me how to use my asshole to massage a cock so I jumped on the bed to help the patient. I quickly inserted his cock into my ass and started to squat fuck him with long deep strokes. When a patient has blue balls it is very important to remove all the semen so I did not stop.

I could feel his cock getting harder and harder and finally pulsing and cumming inside my ass. Slowing down a little I use my anal muscles to milk every drop of cum before his cock slides out. Now I am satisfied and can go back to my desk to wait for the next call.