Late for School - Anal Schoolgirl and Step-Daddy Roleplay


Some days waking up is SO difficult! I’m a tired girl with my pajamas on, but I don’t want to be late for school. I take a shower, put on my makeup, and get dressed. It’s time to go but Step-Daddy has other ideas. He saw my cute outfit and short skirt and grabbed me before I could leave.

I tried to explain that I would be late, but he didn't listen. Oops! I forgot to wear panties today. Step-Daddy roughly shoves his cock into my ass before I can try to fight him. He fucks me standing in the kitchen before dragging me away to the bedroom. I complain loudly that I am late. Step-Daddy isn't finished yet and ignores my protests dragging me into the bedroom.

He fucked me missionary anal at the edge of the bed. I complained that my teacher will be angry and punish me if I am late again. Then we change to sideways anal, with my face visible and my body twisted. I pull my knees up to present my asshole for Daddy's use. My asshole relaxes and starts to gape. Finally, doggy anal building to a big creampie. After cumming Step-Daddy immediately shoves a big butt plug into my ass and sends me off to school.