Anal is the only way for Muslim Teen


For me, it’s not allowed to have sex before marriage. My family is very strict about that. My boyfriend is frequently horny and loves to suggest different solutions to his problem. During his research, he discovered a way that we can love each other without having “real” sex. I don’t understand, but I know it is something about my butt. He said he will teach me.

He begins the lesson by pushing my face down on the bed and playing with my asshole, inserting several fingers. This is allowed, but I remind him to be careful not to touch my pussy. I'm not sure what he is doing, but I want to be a good girl and I trust him. Laying down next to me he raises my leg and slides his big cock into my asshole. It feels amazing!

I've never done anything like this before and I'm a little worried, but I am a submissive girl and will allow anything that isn't "real" sex. Rolling on top of him for reverse cowgirl, I bounce up and down on his long dick. Wow! It feels good for me too! I really love this style and I want to do it every day. He flips me onto my stomach and starts fucking harder and faster until delivering a big creampie. The cum drips out of my asshole and now I am happy knowing I can make him cum.