Cheerleader Roleplay - Ass to Mouth and Cum Swallowing


I love being a cheerleader! It is my favorite school activity. But today my coach called me to his office. He was upset about some rumors that I had sex with all the boys on the football team. I beg him not to call my Mom and promise I will make him very happy if he doesn’t get me in trouble.

Dropping to my knees to continue begging, his cock accidentally touches my lips. I didn’t mean to do it, but my natural reaction was to put it in my mouth! I never saw a cock so big before. It is much bigger than any of the boys on the football team. I try to put it down my throat, but it is very long. Maybe it will fit inside my ass instead? I kneel on the chair exposing my cute little asshole, and he can’t resist shoving his cock inside.

He fucks me so deeply, I can’t believe it. I stopped to taste his cock because I already learned about ass-to-mouth and it’s my favorite way to make boys cum. Finally, after fucking my little asshole until it is gaped open and relaxed he pulled me down and came in my mouth. I’m a good girl and swallowed every last drop. I don’t want to waste any of it!